The "Open Franklin" Project

Joe Wight Designs has been selected to develop a proposal for public art by the Boston Planning Commission! The aim is to have something installed before the end of this summer, 2019.

The Location

The site in question is at the corner of Franklin and Lincoln, in Allston, MA. Here a few pics of the site.

Conceptual Peek

We’ve finalized restrictions with the property owners and are hammering out the final concepts for the proposal this month. Check out a mockup Joe made Its inspired by the concept of “murmuration.”





  1. 1.

    a flock of starlings.

  2. 2.


    the action of murmuring.

    "the murmuration of a flock of warblers"

Next Steps

We’re very thankful to everyone who has helped us get this far, including the Boston Planning Commission, Jim from Alpine Bearing, the entire group at the Flex Fund Committee and of course you all, for caring about public art. Here’s a rough timeline of what we’re expecting in terms of progress in the coming months.